The World urgently needs a better platform to defend the voiceless, the defenseless, the vulnerable and those captured in the thorns of persecution, conflicts, occupations, wars, famines, and displacement.

Our fast-growing movement is exposing brutalities against – and advocating for the rights of civilians, refugees, migrants, women, children and minorities across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. We inform the public, raise awareness, pressure governments and lobby decision makers to drive change for the better and hold perpetrators accountable.

Your donations will help give voice to the voiceless and mobilize for the rights of millions of people across the region.

“It is important to continue the struggle despite frustrations and disappointment based on an ultimate faith in the triumph of justice”

– Richard Falk, Chairman of Board of Trustees

Why Donate to Euro-Med Monitor?

We are an independent youth-led movement that produces extraordinary results.

Since our founding, we have consistently refused to take money from any government to maintain our independence. Instead, we rely solely on your generosity to support our dedicated team and promising progress in defending human rights across the regions of Europe and the Middle East and North Africa.

Thanks to caring people like you, we have:

  •         Organized public seminars, conferences, protests, film festivals and social media campaigns to raise awareness about and mobilize for human rights in the EU and MENA regions.
  •         Brought human rights violations to decision makers in the EU and MENA regions and prompted actions towards change.
  •         Campaigned for the release of political detainees and prisoners of conscience across the region.
  •         Produced hundreds of reports, correspondences, legal statements, press releases, infographics, and videography materials.

    All this shows how your generosity and support would help fuel our team’s enthusiasm and bolster our movement for changing people’s lives in the EU and MENA.

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