One of Euro-Med Monitor’s philosophies is to involve its target groups in the process of setting priorities, drafting, and implementing its action plans. Here, we believe that victims should be given the opportunity to play an active role in the implementation of the programs designed to support them. This allows them to go from being passive recipients of support to active defenders and participants in co-defending their rights and the rights of their communities.

Euro-Med Monitor sets its priorities by involving its target groups in identifying their needs and then working to meet them.

By defining the strategic framework of the organization for the January 2020 - December 2022 period, Euro-Med Monitor demonstrates its commitment to its objectives and ensures the consistency of its programs and periodic activities.

The strategic framework and the mechanisms that were put in place to respond to the needs of Euro-Med Monitor's target groups were identified through a series of workshops. During these workshops, a sample of the organization’s target groups and the senior management, along with its Board of Trustees and consultants in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, discussed priorities for the work of Euro-Med Monitor and developed an action plan for the upcoming three years.

The strategic framework directs Euro-Med Monitor's senior management and staff to support marginalized groups in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, and to focus on the rights of refugees and migrants, supporting youth, and empowering women and children in conflict areas.